Snake Tales:

  A Wrongdoing - You are MGS2 Snake. You must find colonel Ames in STRUT F and get some information from him.
Then, you'll fight Fatman on the heliport.
  Big Shell Evil - You are MGS2 Snake. You must get Emma safely to somewhere. Then you must fight the Harrier!!!
  Confidential Legacy - You are MGS1 Snake. You will battle Meryl Silverburgh at the end of this tale.
  Dead Man whispers - You are Pliskin. Iroquois Pliskin, Lieutenant Junior Grade and you must fight Vamp.
  External Gazer - You are MGS2 Snake. You must diffuse bombs, fight a giant soldier, Metal Gear Rays and finaly SOLIDUS
on top of federal hall.
A Wrongdoing Big Shell Evil
Confidential Legacy Dead Man whispers
External Gazer