Solid Snake
"That suit -- are you FOXHOUND?"
"My name is S...Pliskin..Iroquois Pliskin..."
"Come on, time to go."
"We're here on our own..."
"It's your call, you can drop this if you want."
"There's a war going on here"

"That's right."
"Are you alright?"
"What are talking about?"
"Damn it!!!"
"Okay, let's go." #1
"Okay, let's go." #2
"It's like being in a nightmare you can't wake up from."

Olga Gurlukovich
"I know I'm going to hell."
"We still need you to take care of a few things, this time..."
"You men ... you're all the same."
"Not too shabby, is it? NY, I mean?"
"I think you deserve a little credit..."
"I'll hold them of. Give you time to get away."
"I'm switching over to nanocommunication"

cyborg Ninja
"I am like you...I have no name."
"Neither enemy nor friend."
"You passed with flying colors."

Emma Emmerich
"Who are you?"
"You're lying!"
"What's wrong?"
"Oooh, I'm much more than cute."

"It's been a long wait, Solid Snake."
"I knew this moment would come."
"This could be -- interesting."
"Maybe you can give me death... ?"
"My name is Fortune, lucky in war and nothink else..."
"Hurry, kill me please!"
"Everyone I loved has been taken from me one by one and ..."
"Today is another bad day."
"All orchestrated...?"
"All our missfortune was...just a part of their project?"
"Alone again? Cheated out of death again?"
" endless nightmare!"
"But why would he do such a thing?"
"Come, put me out of my misery!"
"Completely useless."
"He'll actually try to destroy this place?"
"How long will you force me to live?"
"How much longer, Dad?"
"I can't tell you how happy am that you're alive after all. I knew this moment would come."
"I expected more of this one, really."
"I may as well kill everyone I can."
"I thought you could give me peace, but you couldn't kill me either!"
"I'm so sorry my beauties, I'll see you again some day."
"Is there anyone here that can give me happines?"
"It wasn't him."
"It's been a long wait, Solid Snake. The route of all my sorrows."
"You think you can kill me?"
""My name is Fortune, lucky in war and nothink else. And without a death to call my own. Hurry kill me, please."
"My name is Helena Dolph Jackson... The daugher of the proud and noble soldier... I can...see my family...again."
"Oh really?"
"Otherwise you'll be the one to die."
"Are you gone?"
"Show yourself and finish me, like you finished of my father."
"No, that death was meant for me."
"That's not -- him?"
"The only thing we live for is to see it end!!!"
"You've seen the fires of hell, haven't you?"
"Allright, I'll take care of the wayward soul."
"What do you mean?"
"What is it?"
"What was you objective then?"
"Who talked, Ocelot?"
"Why am I the only one who can't die?"
"The purified hydrogen bomb is ready to go."
"First things first!"
"Thanx, but I have quite enough of that."
"What exactly do you find so funny?"

"!" - 84kB
"CODEC (beep beep)"
"There's no such things as miracles or supernatural only cutting-edge technology..."
"So many dead and they all died trusting you!!!"
"This situation...I find it very nostalgic."
"A foul wind is blowind, we shall speak again."
"Everyone knows, that it's a dangerous substance."
"VR training"
"Any field experience? I've had extensive training..."
"But why are you repeating the same mistake? You're changing..."
"Jack, snap out of it."
"You'll never escape the la-li-lu-le-lo."
"The la-li-lu-le-lo."
"There's room for only one Snake and one Big Boss."
"We still need you to... - comparison Ninja/Olga (Sons of Liberty/Substance)"
"Whether this is real or a bad dream, I'll keep watching until it's over."

"We've obtained information that the new Metal Gear was being transported secretly.
I should have felt doubtful in the first place..."

"I won't. The unit is my family, I have nowhere else to go."